Sunday, 29 May 2016

Preparing Your Outdoor Space For Summer

Summer is less than a few short weeks away, and when it gets here, it’ll bring with it opportunities to spend a lot of time outside. Whether you’re planning on hosting a garden or pool party, having a few friends or neighbours over and firing up the barbecue or just relaxing in a lawn chair sun tanning, you won’t be fully enjoying yourself if your backyard is a mess; you want your backyard to be in tip-top shape. The job can seem daunting at first, but all it takes is a little time, effort and knowledge. We know you can handle those first two on your own, and we have you covered for the third. Here’s 1-800-RIDOFIT’s guide to preparing your outdoor space for the summer.

Start with a comprehensive clean- get rid of all the junk. If you haven’t had a chance to get out into your backyard for some yard work yet this spring, you may need to deal with a lot of organic waste and some inorganic junk. Even if you haven’t, backyards seem to be waste-magnets - there’s likely some work to be done. Get the inorganics out of the way first- put away all toys, yard, and sports equipment, and get rid of any other random debris that’s accumulated over the winter or through regular use. Mow the lawn. Then, find yourself some yard waste bags (if you don’t know where to look, try your local home improvement store), a rake, a good pair of gloves, and some elbow grease, and put in the time.

Next, get to work on the garden. Your garden is the glue that holds your backyard together; if you want impressed guests or self-satisfaction, a great garden takes centre-stage. You should already have cleared out any obstructive yard waste- dead foliage, leaf-waste, old mulch, get rid of everything but the plants and the dirt, you want to work with a blank slate. Start with the trees and other perennials you already have. Pull up any dead or disheveled plants, get a good set of shears and take out any dead or diseased branches, and sculpt and re-locate anything that doesn’t already meet your standards. From there, sketch out or at least come up with a good mental image of what you want to do with your garden and then get out to your local garden centre and pick up what you need. A couple of perennials if you have space, a smattering of annuals and some mulch is a good place to start. Dig deep holes, water heavily and monitor closely.

Now that the major work is taken care of, it’s time to bring any peripheral pieces. Wash your deck, spot repair, and paint it if it’s taken any damage over the winter. If you have a pool, de-winterize it, thoroughly clean and refuel your barbecue, spruce up or replace your outdoor furniture, and purchase any additional aesthetic pieces you might need (citronella candles, hanging lamps, etc.). Get rid of your yard waste, build the garden of your dreams, and put the finishing touches on your yard, that’s it. That’s all you need to get your outdoor space looking spick and span just in time for summer.

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