Wednesday, 3 June 2015

How To Get Organized Over The Summer

Summer is either the busiest season for an individual or the most relaxed, with countless free time. All this free time provides an opportunity for an organization. With the long winter gone, cutting the clutter is frankly the first step for an individual and their summer organizing. There are many strategies on how to cut clutter, whether it’s having a yard sale, preparing boxes for storage or just throwing a cutter in the trash; there are countless solutions to solve the problem. Clutter is evidence of several issues: poor habits, lack of organization, sentimental attachment, or frankly too much junk. Each item one holds onto is a delayed decision.

Start off your cleaning with knowing what you want to do. Planning a schedule is one way to get organized before completing the tasks. Having a schedule such as:

  • Monday: Basement
  • Tuesday: Closet
  • Wednesday: Kid’s Closets
  • Thursday: Kitchen
  • Friday: Office Space
  • Saturday: Packing 
  • Sunday: Yard Sale

A simple schedule will help you plan and organize your time wisely, which will help you get the job finished in a timely manner. When it comes to packaging and letting go, organizing your boxes can make the process much easier. Take three large boxes and label them “put away”, “give away” or “storage”. "Give away" boxes can me put aside and used for future yard sales or donations to local charities in your community. You may be giving and taking, but having both a yard sale and donating to local boxes in your neighbourhood helps you get organized. When it comes to scheduling, complete the easy tasks first before the more difficult. Cleaning toys, boxing, and organizing are easier tasks to start with because it’ll clean the space for the next task. The estimated time needed for packing can take from 5 hours – 2 days depending how the amount of people assisting.

In regards to a yard sale, there are simple tips one can follow to have it run smoothly and make the organization and decluttering process easier for the individual.

  1. A group sale is better than selling alone. More stuff draws more traffic
  2. Be prepared. Be ready to go the night before so that you don’t have to rush around in the morning
  3. Plan your sale layout with customers in mind. Use marketing tricks to make your customers more likely to purchase your stuff!
  4. Price things carefully
  5. Label things well
  6. Be friendly. Greet people as they arrive — chat if they’re chatty
  7. Do not bad-mouth your items
  8. Be willing to bargain, but be less flexible at the start
  9. Keep a ledger. Jot down a description of each item and for how much it sold
  10. Do not use a cash box. Keep your money on you at all times.

Here is a useful video on more tips when throwing a yard sale. Summer is the perfect whether to enjoy a yard sale because your customers will be more active to attend and be patient to look around at every item to find its value. Listen to each tip wisely, and happy organizing!

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