Monday, 20 April 2015

The Key to Organizing

Making a space clean and organized is important to some, but maintaining the cleanliness is a task in it’s own. Bloggers are passing over their own tricks and ideas on simple mundane objects that can be used towards organizing the clutter in your space.
This Buzzfeed post gives readers several ideas on household objects that turn into organization saviors to decrease the clutter.

Throughout Toronto, there are several home organization stores, which can assist the customer in their spring-cleaning, or general home organization. Take Neat Space located in Queen West and Bayview Village Mall. The store specializes in home organization, keeping the home neat and sell products in which are considered ‘neat’.

Solutions on Yonge and Eglinton is another alternative to finding organization kits for spring cleaning and general house organization. Using these simple innovated products, your space will be tidy, which will brighten the space.

Alejandra Costello, is a youtuber who specializes in home organization, giving her (466,657) subscribers tips and useful advice on keeping a small or large space organized and showing new innovations and products that a consumer can purchase to achieve this goal for their home. 

Given that Spring is upon us and we will be putting our winter coats away, here is a video from Alejandra that could help you organize your coat closet.

With her 157 videos, posting every week, she vlogs about make-up storage, DYI ideas, closet organization, office, toiletries, traveling and many more. Her training system is a 3 video series, teaching her viewers simple easy tasks and ideas to resolve their problems within their homes.

Using all these tips, your home should be extra clean for summer. Enjoy getting organized this Spring.

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