Saturday, 7 March 2015

Lending a Helping Hand and a Truck

For those who know us and our work within the community, you know how proud we are to support the Furniture Bank and the work that they do. We were very upset to hear that the Furniture Bank’s fleet of trucks had been vandalized leaving many of them immobilized and the charity in a difficult situation.

Not to be defeated, the Furniture Bank had help from their community of supporters. We were happy to join others like Tallman Truck Centre, Elegant Kitchen GalleryLeon’s, CanadaHelps, 1800GotJunk, and YouMoveMe.

We all chipped in and those with trucks made pickups and deliveries. Our efforts paid off. Not a single household was affected and all of the Furniture Bank's commitments were met. The Furniture Bank still needs assistance and Canada Helps is leading the charge to keep them truckin'.

The Furniture Bank needs $20,000.00 to help deal with this situation. $13,730.00 has already been raised so please help if you can to raise the remaining $6,270.00. You can make a donation here. Please help us raise awareness about the Furniture Bank's situation by sharing their story.

Thank you on behalf of the Furniture Bank.

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