Sunday, 8 December 2013

Striking The Right Note

Running 1-800-Get-Rid-Of-It does give Rick Crawford, owner and president, opportunities to benefit the community in unusual ways. he manages to recycle an impressive 60% of the items his crews pick up, so that striking piece of furniture at your neighbour's may have a storied past. Many readers/clients are also familiar with Rick's Clean Up the Humber event, but recently he had more unique task. A local radio station, Jazz FM, had collected a lot of musical instruments after an appeal to their listeners. Rick picked them up and then delivered them to the music department at Regent Park Public School.

Like many other schools, programs and funds had been slashed, so Rick became a veritable Santa Claus, complete with Rid-Of-Its red outfit!

The arrival of Rid-Of-Its big red truck caused quite a stir. The instruments were then carted to the auditorium and carefully unpacked. Many students with musical abilities will appreciate some new opportunities from these underused treasures.

Ours is a throw-away society as our over-flowing landfills can attest to. It becomes essential to be creative about possessions no longer needed. The old axiom, one man's trash, etc. still rings true today. If you are living with clutter, paring down will simplify your life and perhaps enrich someone else's. Taking a picture of an old treasure will preserve the memory, making it easier to part with. You can be a secret Santa many times over!

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