Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Update: Toronto Flood

Photo by Vanessa Alexopoulos
By Vicki Alexopoulos

Last week Toronto got hit with record breaking rainfalls and power outages  complete with destroyed basements, furniture and in some cases entire homes. Homeowners around Toronto were all asking the same questions; how do we prevent this from happening again, what do we do if it happens again, and who should we call to help us with all this junk? Luckily, I have some answers.

Preventative measures for future floods should be taken by Torontonians now that we have felt the wrath of Mother Nature. This includes:
  • Sealing cracks in windows, foundations and floors
  • Increasing greenery around your house to absorb rainwater
  • Regular checks and maintenance of weeping tile systems
  • Avoiding carpeting and storing valuables in the basement if possible
  • Make sure that the plumbing is in good condition
  • Research what types of flooding your insurance does and does not cover
If a flood was to reoccur in your home, these steps are helpful to keep in mind:
  • Call 311 (City staff will come and inspect the problem, available 24-hours a day)
  • Be safe while cleaning up your flooded area 
    • watch for sewage
    • be mindful of electical accidents
    • dress appropriately
    • dry and ventilate areas with de-humidifiers and/or fans
    • remove all drywall/insulation that has come into contact with sewage or water
On Saturday, the City provided a special collection to pick up the waste that came from the flooding. However, driving through Etobicoke earlier today, I could not help but notice piles of garbage, old mattresses, carpets, dressers and other ruined things on the curb, either because of a delay in getting these items outside or being unaware of this special garbage collection. Not to mention the Green Bin collection was not part of this collection service, leaving people with spoiled food unfortunately from their warmed up freezers/fridges.

Thankfully, you know who to call for efficient and effective Junk Removal services. Feel free to call us up (1800-RID-OF-IT) and we will gladly talk with you about your options and our services.

Til next time, Junk Lovers, and stay dry!

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